Why should I use Licensed Pest Controller?

A qualified pest controller is educated in much more than just chemical application. They must pass a TAFE level course that includes thorough modules on pest identification, breeding patterns, and biology in order to be licenced. Their qualifications give them the knowledge and skills to control pest activity and prevent new infestations using a variety of established ways.
They begin by inspecting your home for any environmental variables that may have triggered the infestation. They know how to look for breeding grounds and access points and where to look. They will assist you in selecting the most appropriate treatment once they have determined the extent of the problem.
Many of the pest control treatments used in homes are also employed in hospitals, restaurants, cafes, and food processing companies.
If a chemical treatment is required, a pest controller will only use the smallest amount necessary to complete the task in the locations where it is needed.

How often should I have checked for Pests at home?

In most cases, a yearly examination for termites and other pests is the most effective strategy to prevent pest infestations. Depending on the pest and the area, more frequent treatments may be necessary

How Much Does It Cost for pest control service in Sydney?

Depending on the type of insect and the severity of the infestation, this will vary substantially. Most pest control firms will quote you a fee for a regular pest treatment, but be sure you know what you’re getting for that money. A reputable pest control company will be able to explain this to you

What Types of Treatments Are Used?

Treatment is a general term use to simply describe the many methods and options available to a licensed pest controller.
Options include gels, pastes, baits, granules, dusts, mist sprays or water based liquid sprays. The type of application used is determined by the type of pest, infestation severity and the access to the problem area. In some situations, more than one type of treatment may be required.

Are Pest Control Chemicals Safe Around My Children And Pets?

Yes. We only use the safest, most up-to-date, and thoroughly tested items on the market. The treatments are also used in hospitals, schools, child care centres, food manufacturing and many other sensitive situations. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available available on request.
In the interests of being extra careful and for full peace of mind there may be certain situations when we ask you to vacate the house during treatment. For instance if very young children, someone who is pregnant, or allergy or asthma sufferers are present.
This is fully discussed and explained with you in advance and we will seek your permission before applying any treatment.

Is There Any Smell When You Spray For Pests?

In general, No. Most treatments are odourless.

What If I See A Pest After A Treatment?

Our treatments will show significant reductions in the number of insects, however complete elimination can take several days.
It’s not uncommon for pests to move around after treatment. For instance, cockroach gels and baits are made to encourage motion toward the bait.

Should I Have A Termite Inspection By A Pest Controller?

Identifying termites isn’t simple if you don’t know which signs you should look out for, or where to look, and don’t have prior experience. Pest control technicians are educated in the detection of termites and are skilled in examining kinds of homes.
In the majority of homes which haven’t had pest inspections for termites. The first indication of termites occurs only when there’s a significant amount of damage to floorboards, cupboards, or even the roof and wall timbers.

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