Commercial Pest Control

There’s the obvious benefit that stems from hiring a professional commercial pest control company, getting rid of dangerous or obnoxious rodent and insect visitors in your business. People who are not trained in pest control techniques are 67 times more likely to misapply insecticides than those who are professionally trained. The result is an over-application of harmful toxins and an increased ability for pests to multiply.  Getting rid of the initial crop of pests and also finding the source attracting them to your property are the two fundamental steps of effective pest control. Professional pest control companies are trained to locate the source of the infestation and eliminate it to prevent a reoccurrence.

While no business owner wants to face a pest infestation, it’s a reality for many. Whether you’ve detected bedbugs in your hotel, ants in your restaurant, or another pest elsewhere, it’s important to reduce risks immediately. At Combat Pest, we are always prepared to help your commercial facility become absolutely free of pests! Our wide array of commercial pest control services include the following strategies and facilities: 

End of Lease Pest Control 

End of Lease Pest Control | Combat pest control

The tenancy laws require the tenant to pay a security deposit at the commencement of the lease. Most landlords will enforce this by asking you to pay for one month rent as a deposit. At the end of the lease period, the landlord is required to refund the money. However, there are some cases where the landlord may withhold the security deposit. The reasons for withholding deposits are dependent on the lease agreement and other tenancy laws. For instance, if you fail to clean and disinfect your house, the landlord may withhold some amount of money to cater for the costs. Hiring an End of Lease Pest Control service works to ensure this does not happen. Ensure the pest control service abides by the terms and conditions of your lease. 

Office Pest Control 

Combat Pest understands that every industry, business and individual environment is unique. We have industry-specific protocols, and we back up our services with an ironclad guarantee. Organizations are not immune to many of the issues that bug homeowners. Your property is home to your business, so don’t let uninvited pests make it their home, too. Your facility’s uniqueness demands custom-designed pest management and grounds care program.  

Office Pest Control | Combat pest control
Office pest control | Combat pest control

Whether you need to oust birds, bed bugs, rodents, termites or other pests or to create a welcoming outdoor space that makes an impression on customers and employees alike we’re your team. We’re licensed and certified, employ sustainable practices, use cutting-edge technology and rely on a humane approach. 

Cafe Pest Control

Cafe owners can’t afford to be careless about pest control because it can have an impact on their business. People visit cafes because they want to relax, socialise, and eat great food. The last thing they want is a cockroach in their sandwich. Unfortunately, this is quite common in poorly maintained cafes and eateries. Pests and insects are attracted to the food and trash found in cafes and eateries and the crumbs and food particles left behind by customers on tables and chairs. It’s not easy to clean up all the mess every day and keep the establishment completely pest-free. At Combat Pest, we provide expert solutions to help you control pests in your cafe. 

Cafe Pest Control | Combat pest control

Hotel Pest Control

Pests can have severe consequences for hospitality businesses, so guarding against them is key. Guests, staff

Hotel Pest Control | Combat pest control

and visitors need to be protected from the health and safety risks that come with pests. Hotels and commercial kitchens need to protect the hard-earned reputation of their brand and positive customer experience, especially in today’s age where reviews are shared online in an instant. Our comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution is tailored to hotel and kitchen storage to ensure the highest levels of food safety across your entire business. Our pest control solutions are uniquely tailored to suit your requirements, proactively preventing the risk and costly impact of infestations. 

Food Processing Pest Control

Food Processing Pest Control | Combat pest control

The food and beverage processing industries are under the constant scrutiny of regulatory agencies,

certification bodies, and third-party auditors. And the trend is toward increased regulatory oversight and the adoption of more rigorous, globally accepted food safety and quality standards. Combat Pest delivers a level of pest protection that consistently withstands the rigorous scrutiny of government regulation and third-party audits. Based on a detailed evaluation of your facility, Combat Pest will design a program to meet your needs, taking into account factors such as structural integrity, environmental pest pressures, and potential for activity. 

Government Pest Control

Combat Pest has solutions that will effectively and safely implement a comprehensive pest management plan for your government facility. Many government buildings are decades, or even centuries years old. Our specialists take great pride and care in their work and will ensure the integrity of your government facility.  

Government Pest Control | Combat pest control

Restaurant Pest Control

Restaurant Pest Control | Combat pest control

We know how critical pest control is to the restaurant industry. One little pest can create a huge issue. So we will work fast to provide your business with discreet, on-demand treatments specific to your needs. Let pests know their reservations have been cancelled. For effective, customized restaurant and foodservice pest control, look no further than Combat Pest. We know how to control pests looking to feast on your food and on your bottom line. 

Our experienced service specialists know federal food service regulations and local health codes. We know how to identify structural and sanitation threats in your restaurants and remove the pest risk. Even better, our proactive prevention and monitoring strategies help keep new pest problems from ever getting started, so you can meet local health and other regulatory requirements with confidence.

School Pest Control 

Educational facilities should always be places where students and staff feel safe. A pest infestation in a school can cause panic among students and parents while seriously damaging an educational institution’s reputation. As your local pest control experts, Combat Pest technicians are familiar with the most common pests in the community. Our experience in protecting local schools of all types to the largest universities means that you work with a pest control partner that understands the unique concerns of keeping your institution pest free. 

School Pest Control | Combat pest control

Strata Pest Control

Strata Pest Control | Combat pest control

Although individual owners are accountable for maintenance concerns inside their units, strata property managers are usually responsible for strata property pest control for the overall common areas. While the entire burden of property upkeep does not rest solely on the shoulders of property managers, it is essential, however, that managers have a clear understanding of the problems that will require immediate attention. If left unchecked, minor issues can quickly turn into serious problems, potentially resulting in costly, extensive damage. Pest control may not be a high priority for many strata managed properties but it should. Failing to complete regular pest reports may eventually result in a full-blown infestation in the entire complex. Contact us for Commercial pest control on: 0460 007 676

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